September 22, 1996


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What Division 1-A football team has the highest enrollment?
Michigan Florida Ohio State USC

2. What Division 1-A football team has the lowest enrollment?
Rice Vanderbilt Stanford Northwestern

3. Who had the most shots-on-goal in the NHL last season?
Ray Bourque Theoren Fleury Paul Kariya Jaromir Jagr

4. Who gave up the most points in the NBA last year?
Dallas Boston Toronto Philadelphia

5. How many consecutive seasons has A. C. Green played without missing a season?
7 8 9 10

6. What NHL team was nicknamed the Cougars and the Falcons before taking its current name?
Black Hawks Bruins Red Wings Rangers

7. What was the first school to capture the NCAA basketball title with an undefeated record?
Indiana San Francisco UCLA Ohio State

8. Who did the U.S. beat to capture the hockey Gold Medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics?
Russia Finland Canada Sweden

9. Before Allen Iverson, who was the last guard drafted number 1 overall?
Penny Hardaway Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson Jerry West

10. What college did Wilt Chamberlin attend?
Kansas Kansas State Temple Georgetown