September 15, 1996


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. How many captains from last year's NHL teams are on Team Canada?
7 8 9 10

2. How many U.S. Opens has Steffi Graf won?
3 4 5 6

3. How many U.S. Opens has Pete Sampras won?
3 4 5 6

4. How many Grand Slam events did Pete Sampras win this year?
1 2 3 4

5. What NBA team scored the least points last year?
Vancouver Cleveland New Jersey Philadelphia

6. What defenseman scored the most points in the NHL last year?
Chris Chelios Paul Coffey Ray Bourque Brian Leetch

7. What female tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles?
Martina Navratilova Margaret Court Chris Evert Steffi Graf

8. What colt was the first three-year-old to win $1 million in purses?
Buckpasser Seattle Slew Secretariat Cigar

9. How many boxers kayoed Joe Louis?
0 1 2 3

10. For what pro league did Betty Ellis become the first woman game official?
Tennis Soccer Hockey Baseball