July 6, 1997


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who is the only coach in both the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Sid Gilliam Don Shula George Halas Lou Sabon

2. What player scored the most points in one quarter in the NFL?
Gayle Sayers Ernie Nevers Don Hutson Jerry Rice

3. How many weeks did the 1982 NFL players stike last?
6 7 8 9

4. How many touchdown passes did Vinny Testaverde throw in the 1996 season?
32 33 34 35

5. How many passes did Bob Griese throw against the Vikings in the Super Bowl?
6 7 8 9

6. To how many consecutive winning seasons did Tom Landry coach the Cowboys?
18 19 20 21

7. How many men played in all 10 seasons of the AFL's existance?
1 7 13 19

8. What was the year that the Cincinnati Bengals began play?
1976 1972 1969 1968

9. Who was the last man to regularly use the dropkick to boot field goals and extra points?
Billy Hillenbrad Pat O'Dea James Monroe Earl Clark

10. What was Red Grange's real first name?
Joseph William John Harold