July 27, 1997


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who holds the NFL record for interceptions in one year?
Paul Krause Emlen Tunnell Ken Houston Dick Lane

2. How many non-kickers have scored 1,000 points?
0 1 2 3

3. In what round was Terrell Davis drafted by the Broncos?
2 4 6 8

4. What team drafted Jeff Blake?
Bengals Jets Colts Packers

5. What team was the only one in 1996 not to score a touchdown in at least one of its 16 opening possessions?
Sea Hawks Cardinals Lions Vikings

6. Who was the oldest player to start a Pro Bowl game?
Roger Staubach Sam Mills Bob Young Jeff VanNote

7. Who holds the NFL record for longest streak of successful field goal attempts from 30 yards or closer?
Matt Stover Norm Johnson Morten Andersen Pat Leahy

8. Indluding playoffs, how many consecutive starts has Brett Favre made?
67 77 87 97

9. Who was the first player ever drafted by the 49'ers?
Harry Babcock Hugh McElhenny Y.A. Tittle Leo Nomellini

10. Who has the most career touchdowns from interceptions?
Eric Allen Ken Houston Jim Kearney Paul Krause