July 20, 1997


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Which of these coaches has not taken teams to the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Cotton Bowl games?
Bob Neyland Terry Donahue Frank Thomas Bill Alexander

2. Who was the first player to win Super Bowls with 2 different teams?
Marv Flemming Herb Adderly Charles Hayley Dieon Sanders

3. Who is the only player to be in 5 consecutive Super Bowls?
Gale Gilbert Charles Hayley Don Bebe Ken Norton, Jr.

4. Who did Miami beat in the longest game in NFL history?
Pittsburg Cleveland San Diego Kansas City

5. Beginning with the 1968 season, the Vikings won 10 division titles in 11 seasons. What season did they not win?
1971 1972 1973 1974

6. Who did the Packers beat in Vince Lombardi's final game as the head coach?
Dolphins Chiefs Raiders Colts

7. What two draft choices did San Francisco give up for Steve Young?
1st & 3rd 2nd & 4th 1st & 5th 3rd & 5th

8. Who was the first NFL team to play its games indoors?
Lions Sea Hawks Oilers Vikings

9. What quarterback set the NFL record for highest completion percentage in a season?
Ken Anderson John Elway Joe Namath Bryon Sipe

10. How many coaches have lost four Super Bowls?
1 2 3 4