Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What city hosted the first Monday Night game on ABC?
Chicago New York Baltimore Cleveland

2. Who once lead the league in passing, interceptions and punting in a season?
Otto Graham Bob Waterfield Sid Luckman Sammy Baugh

3. In what round was Bart Starr drafted?
14 15 16 17

4. Who was the first player ever drafted by the Falcons?
Tommy Nobbis Steve Bartkowski Jim Grabowski Walt Patulski

5. Not counting expansion teams, how many teams have the same starting quarterbacks they had in 1990?
4 5 6 7

6. Who holds the record for most touchdown passes in a season?
John Elway Dan Marino Dan Fouts Stevie Young

7. How many years did Earl Campbell play in the NFL?
7 8 9 10

8. How many quarterbacks have passed for 40,000 yards in a career?
5 6 7 8

9. What team drafted Steve Bono?
49'ers Steelers Vikings Chiefs

10. How many consecutive games did Jim Otto start for Oakland?
200 205 210 215