November 1, 2012


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What city had the first all-pro team?

2. Who holds the record for most RBIs as an NL rookie?

3. What player struck out four times in an All-Star game?

4. What pitcher gave up the only All-Star Grand Slam?

5. How many inside-the-park homeruns did Hank Aaron hit?

6. Who was the first player to lead the Majors in RBIs three years in a row?

7. Who was the first Canadian-born player to have consecutive 25-homerun seasons?

8. In 1942 Jackie Robinson had a tryout with what Major League team?

9. Who won consecutive MVP awards despite playing for losing teams both years?

10. How many years did Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker play together as Tigers?