February 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. How many 50-goal seasons did Gordie Howe have in his 26-year NHL career?
0 1 3 5

2. What is the record for most goals by two teams in a World Cup Final?
11 12 13 14

3. At what tournament did Tiger Woods turn Pro?
Buick Open Greensboro Open Cleveland Open Greater Milwaukee Open

4. Who has the most career PGA Tournament wins?
Byron Nelson Sam Snead Ben Hogan Walter Hagen

5. What is the highest position from which a driver started and won the Indy 500?
18 28 38 48

6. What NBA team scored only 2 points in one quarter?
Cavs Mavericks Kings Bulls

7. Which one of the following did not lead the NCAA in both scoring and rebounding in the same season?
Xavier McDaniel Kurt Thomas Jerry Lucas Hank Gaithers

8. Who scored at least a point in 27 straight NHL post-season games?
Byron Trottier Wayne Gretzky Fred Glover Kirk Muller

9. How many times did Pete Maravich score 60 or more points while at LSU?
3 4 5 6

10. What NBA player played 74 consecutive games of 48 minutes?
Jerry Lucas George Mikan Wilt Chamberlain Nate Thurmond