December 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who has scored the most power-play goals in NHL history?
Phil Esposito Mike Bossey Dave Andreychuk Wayne Gretzky

2. For what team did Gordie Howe last play?
Red Wings Barons Blackhawks Whalers

3. Who was the first jockey to win two triple crowns?
Ron Turcotte Willie Shoemaker Eddie Archaro Jean Cruguet

4. How many feet long is a sculler's oar?
7 8 9 10

5. What ABA team drafted Kareem Abdul Jabbar but wasn't able to sign him?
Colonials Squires Nuggetts Nets

6. Which one of the following cities has not at one time been home to the present Sacramento Kings?
Cincinnati Rochester Buffalo Kansas City

7. What was the first year the Olympics were televised?
1956 1960 1964 1968

8. What year saw the demise of the ABA?
1974 1975 1976 1977

9. Who was the first guard to win the NBA scoring crown?
Bob Cousy Jerry West Walt Frazier Dave Bing

10. Who was the fist guard to win the NBA's "Most Valuable Player Award"?
Bob Cousy Jerry West Walt Frazier Dave Bing