October 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who was the first sprinter to cover 100 yards in 9.1 seconds?
Carl Lewis Harrison Dilliard Bob Hayes Jessie Owens

2. What #1 overall NBA draft pick saw his team win 35 more games in his rookie year than the team won in previous years?
Magic Johnson Hakeem Olajuwon David Robinson Shaquille O'Neal

3. What team did NBA's Chicago Zephrs become?
Bulls Bullets Suns Jazz

4. What team did Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points against?
Knicks Celtics Lakers Hawks

5. Who was the first NBA player to score 2,000 points in a season?
Bob Love Nate Thurmond George Yardley Oscar Robertson

6. Who was the first non-athlete to be named Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year"?
Pete Rozelle Peter Uberath David Stern George Steinbrenner

7. In what year did the NBA adopt the 24-second shot clock?
1953 1954 1955 1956

8. How many times as a player did Bob Knight play in the Final Four?
0 1 2 3

9. Who was the first 14th seed to advance to the Sweet Sixteen?
Cleveland State Chattanooga Villanova Idaho

10. Who was the first NHL player to score 50 goals in a season?
Gordie Howe Bobby Hull Maurice Richard Phil Esposito