June 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who is the only Heisman Trophy winning QB to lead the team that drafted him to a Super Bowl title?
Joe Montana Roger Staubach Joe Nameth Jim Plunkett

2. Who was the first coach of the Chargers?
C. Waller Harland Suare Sid Gillman Tommy Prothro

3. How many games did Walter Payton miss in his career?
0 1 3 5

4. Who was the runner-up to Herschel Walker for the Heisman Trophy?
Steve Young Bernie Kosar Jim Kelley John Elway

5. Who was the first college player to rush for 2000 yards in a season?
Marcus Allen Barry Sanders Tony Dorsett Billy Sims

6. What team drafted Brett Favre?
Packers Falcons Colts Steelers

7. Which one of the following pitched to Babe Ruth?
Red Grange Ernie Nevers George Halas Beattie Feathers

8. What NFL team once played their games at Fenway Park?
Eagles Steelers Redskins Giants

9. Who invented the face mask?
Chuck Noll Paul Brown George Halas Jim Howell

10. What running back was first to have a 99-yard touchdown run?
Red Grange Tony Dorsett Eric Dickerson Gayle Sayers