March 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Nebraska coach Tom Osborne played two years for what NFL team?
Redskins Bears Giants Lions

2. What college had five first-round NFL draft selections in one year?
FSU Ohio State Oklahoma USC

3. Who is the only man to coach four different Heisman winners?
Woody Hayes Tom Osborne Frank Leahy Bud Wilkerson

4. What NFL team is the only one to win three straight championships?
Bears Packers Giants Browns

5. How many consecutive 100-yard rushing games did Archie Griffin have at Ohio State?
31 32 33 34

6. For what college did Joe Paterno play quarterback?
Colgate Brown Penn State Pittsburgh

7. Which of the following NFL teams won their first-ever opening game?
Bengals Oilers Seahawks Vikings

8. Who was the first running back in the NFL to catch 100 passes in one season?
Terry Metcalf Roger Craig Larry Centers Calvin Hill

9. Who succeeded Vince Lombardi as coach of the Green Bay Packers?
Phil Bengtson Forrest Gregg Dan Devine Allie Sherman

10. Who is the only NFL player to record two safeties in one game?
Ted Hendricks Doug English Fred Dryer Galen Fiss