January 1, 2002


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What team had 20 consecutive non-winning seasons?
Bucs Bengals Saints Cardinals

2. What team cut Kurt Warner?
Bucs Falcons Bears Packers

3. What college did Hines Ward attend?
Georgia Georgia Tech Georgia State Southern Georgia

4. What team drafted Brian Billick?
Cowboys 49'ers Browns Bengals

5. Tony Dungy was involved in a trade with what other coach?
Bill Cowher Jeff Fisher Ray Rhodes Mike Ditka

6. For what team was John Gruden offensive coordinator?
Lions Eagles Titans Bears

7. What current coach has a degree from Yale?
Jim Mora Tom Coughlin Dick Jauron Mike Riley

8. For which one of the following teams was Wade Phillips not a coach?
Saints Chargers Broncos Bills

9. Who was the first head coach of the Denver Broncos?
Frank Filchock Jack Faulkner Mac Speedie Lou Sabon

10. Who was the first head coach of the Seahawks?
Mike McCormack Chuck Knox Jack Patera Tom Flores