August 1, 2001


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who was the first PGA golfer to earn $1 million in his career?
Jack Nicklaus Arnold Palmer Julius Boros Byron Nelson

2. Which one of the following NHL defensemen scored five goals in a game?
Bobbie Orr Ray Bourque Ian Turnball Doug Harvey

3. What was the last Division 1 men's college basketball team to go undefeated in the regular season and lose in the tournaments?
Duke Michigan UCLA UNLV

4. What NBA player was suspended for 26 games?
Kermit Washington Dennis Rodman Charles Barkley Bingo Smith

5. Who did the Orlando Magic select with the first pick in 1993?
Shaquille O'Neal Anfernee Hardaway Chris Webber Colbert Cheaney

6. Who was the first 50-year-old driver to win a 500-mile race?
Kyle Petty Bobbie Unser Bobby Allison A.J. Foyt

7. What was the only grand slam tennis title that Jimmy Connors did not win?
French Open Australian Open Wimbledon U.S. Open

8. What NBA team drafted Scottie Pippen?
Bulls Super Sonics Clipper Nets

9. What was the first city in the United States to have a team in the NHL?
Detroit Boston Chicago New York

10. How many rules were laid down for boxers in the Queensberry rules?
9 10 11 12