August 1, 2001


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who drafted Mark Brunell in the fifth round?
Bears Packers Sea Hawks Browns

2. What NFL team was the first to wear helmets with a logo or an insignia?
Bears Giants Rams Packers

3. Who was the last NFL team to win a division with a non-winning record?
Bucs Bengals Browns Lions

4. Which of the following did not score three touchdowns in a single Super Bowl?
Roger Craig Jerry Rice Emmitt Smith Ricky Watters

5. Who was the first player to win a Super Bowl with two different teams?
Herb Adderley Marv Flemming Ken Nortan Deion Sanders

6. Who was the first player in the NFL to be the MVP two consecutive years?
Brett Favre Walter Payton Jim Brown Joe Montana

7. What team was the first to win three Super Bowls?
Cowboys Steelers 49'ers Dolphins

8. How old was John Madden when he became coach of the Raiders?
32 33 34 35

9. Who was the first kicker to reach 100 points in four straight seasons?
Jason Elam Al DelGreco Matt Stover Matt Bahr

10. How many yards wide is an NFL playing field?
51 1/3 52 1/3 53 1/3 54 1/3