May 1, 2001


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who replaced Knute Rockne as coach of Notre Dame?
Brooks Dawson Heartley Anderson Jock Sutherland Leo Meyer

2. Who was the first junior year player to win the Heisman Trophy?
Doc Blanchard Doak Walker Vic Janowicz Roger Staubach

3. Who was the first running back to lead the AFC in rushing yards in a season?
Cookie Gilchrist Abner Haynes Billy Connor Clem Daniels

4. Who succeded Bear Bryant as head coach of Alabama?
Bill Curry Gene Stallings Ray Perkins Raymond Berry

5. Who was the first NFL player to make the Pro Bowl with three different teams?
Kevin Greene Deion Sanders Andre Rison Ted Hendriks

6. What player was drafted before Lawrence Taylor in the 1981 draft?
George Rogers Kenneth Sims Billy Sims Tom Cousineau

7. What is the only team to beat Vince Lombardi's Packer team in a playoff game?
Giants Browns Eagles Cowboys

8. Who did the Chiefs beat in the AFL to go to the first Super Bowl?
Raiders Oilers Chargers Bills

9. Which one of these teams was not a member of the All-American Football Conference?
49'ers Colts Steelers Browns

10. What team drafted Trent Green?
Chargers Seahawks Packers Redskins