August 1, 2001


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What switch-hitter scored the most runs in one season?
Pete Rose Roberto Alomar Mickey Mantle Gary Templeton

2. Rick Monday was baseball's first #1 draft pick, who was the #1 draft pick the next year?
Steve Chilcott Ron Blomberg Tim Foli Jeff Burroughs

3. Which one of the following cities was not an original member of the National League?
St. Louis Hartford Pittsburg Louisville

4. What pitcher lost 48 games in one season?
George Bradley Larry McKeon Will White John Coleman

5. Who was the first player to earn $100,000 in a season?
Babe Ruth Jimmie Foxx Lou Gehrig Joe DiMaggio

6. Who is the only player to get a triple for their 3,000th hit?
Ty Cobb Pete Rose Paul Molitor Dave Winefield

7. Who is the only player to be named MVP of the World Series when his team lost?
Bobby Richardson Jackie Robinson Frank Robinson Mickey Mantle

8. What team was once called the Robins?
Dodgers Orioles Indians Cardinals

9. What team originally signed Tom Seaver only to have it invalidated?
Reds Yankees Pirates Braves

10. What was the first team Casey Stengel managed?
Giants Dodgers Pirates Yankees