October 1, 2001


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What pitcher has the most career walks?
Cy Young Nolan Ryan Walter Johnson Steve Carlton

2. What pitcher hit the most batters in his career?
Gus Weyhing Chick Fraser Pink Hawley Eddie Plank

3. Which of the following owners managed his club for one game?
George Steinbrenner Ray Kroc Charlie Finley Ted Turner

4. What brothers have the most career hits?
Waners Alous DiMaggios Delahantys

5. What brothers have the most career RBI's?
Waners Alous DiMaggios Delahantys

6. Who was the home plate umpire in Don Larsen's perfect game in the World Series?
Bill McGowan Ed Rommel Babe Pinelli Cy Rigler

7. What team was the first to install lights?
Reds Dodgers Indians White Sox

8. Who did the White Sox play in the first ever AL game?
Tigers Indians A's Red Sox

9. Who has the most career triples?
Tris Speaker Honus Wagner Ty Cobb Sam Cranford

10. Who was the first player to lead the Majors in RBI's three years in a row?
Albert Belle Cecil Fiedler Dave Winfield Lou Gherig