July 1, 2000


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Before Juan Montoya, who was the last rookie to win the Indianapolis 500?
George Sanders Frank Lockhart Graham Hill Rene Thomas

2. Who was the youngest driver to win the Indy 500?
Troy Ruttman Joe Dawson Louis Meyer A.J. Foyt

3. Who was the oldest driver to win the Indy 500?
Bobby Unser Al Unser, Sr. Johnny Rutherford A.J. Foyt

4. Who holds the record for assists in an NBA Finals game?
John Stockton Oscar Robertson Magic Johnson Bob Cousey

5. Who holds the best career scoring average in NBA Finals history?
Michael Jordan Larry Bird Wilt Chamberlain Rick Barry

6. What NHL goalie holds the record of 502 consecutive complete games?
Gump Worsley Glen Hall Johnny Bower Tony Espositol

7. Dr. Benjamin Spock won an Olympic Gold Medal in?
Rowing Fencing Sailing Track & Field

8. Who was the first coach to lead three different schools to the NCAA Basketball Tournament?
Eddie Hickey Hank Iba John Wooten Ed McCauly

9. Bjorn Borg did not win what major tennis championship?
French Wimbeldon Australian U.S. Open

10. Who was the first NHL player to score 60 or more goals in three consecutive seasons?
Mario Lemieux Bobby Hull Wayne Gretzky Mike Bossy