November 1, 2000


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. In what year was the NHL's first All-Star game played?
1927 1937 1947 1957

2. In what year did the NCAA grant permission to freshmen to play Division 1 basketball and football?
1970 1971 1972 1973

3. Who was the first 50-year-old driver to win a 500-mile race?
Kyle Petty Bobbie Unser Bobby Allison A. J. Foyt

4. Who was the first NHL defenseman to score four goals in a game?
Harry Cameron Bobby Orr Paul Coffey Tiger Williams

5. Who is the only player to lead both the ABA and NBA in scoring?
Spencer Hayword Julius Erving Rick Barry George Gervin

6. What college did Arnold Palmer attend?
Wake Forest Duke Clemson Georgia Tech

7. What team drafted Bill Russell in the first round?
Celtics Knicks Hawks Lakers

8. Who won the NBA's first "Most Valuable Player" award?
Bob Cousy Oscar Robertson Bob Pettit George Mikan

9. Who was the first NHL goalie to be credited with a goal?
Billy Smith Ron Hextall Chris Osgood Gump Worsley

10. How many goose feathers are in a badminton birdie?
14 16 18 20