July 1, 2000


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What is the South's longest-running football rivalry?
Auburn-Alabama Auburn-Georgia Georgia-Florida Florida-Florida State

2. Who scored 40 points in one NFL game?
Paul Hornung Gino Cappelletti Ernie Nevers Dub Jones

3. Who besides Dan Marino led the NFL in passing yards in five seasons?
Sonny Jurgenson Norm Snead Steve Young Dan Fouts

4. Who holds the record of 25 touchdowns in an NFL season?
Eric Dickerson Emmitt Smith Gayle Sayers John Riggins

5. What college did Chris Carter attend?
Ohio State Florida State Michigan State Penn State

6. What NFL team did the Jets outbid to sign Joe Namath?
Bears Giants Rams Browns

7. What player intercepted three passes in one Super Bowl?
Larry Brown Jake Scott Rod Martin Mel Blount

8. What team drafted wide receiver Jimmy Smith?
Cowboys 49'ers Redskins Packers

9. Who was the first player in NFL history to have a 90-yard scoring play by rushing, receiving, and kickoff return in a season?
Terry Metcalf Red Grange Herschel Walker Jim Brown

10. What player was drafted before Lawrence Taylor in the 1981 draft?
Kenneth Sims George Rogers Billy Sims Tim Cousineau