October 1, 2000


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Joe Paterno has how many losing seasons at Penn State?
0 1 2 3

2. What college team was the first to win 800 games?
Princeton Harvard Yale Michigan

3. What is the width in yards of a football field?
52 1/3 53 1/3 54 1/3 55 1/3

4. Who is the only QB to throw for 7 touchdowns in one game and also throw for 500 yards in one game in his career?
Sid Luckman Warren Moon Y. A. Title Norm Van Brocklin

5. What year did the Rose Bowl start the matchup between the Big Ten and PAC 10 Conferences?
1946 1947 1948 1949

6. Who was the first NFL team to make the playoffs after starting the season 0 - 4?
Chargers Seahawks Raiders Broncos

7. Who holds the NFL record by being intercepted 42 times in one season?
George Blanda Jim Hardy Warren Moon Dave Krieg

8. What team drafted WR Jimmy Smith?
Bears Browns Cowboys Eagles

9. For what college did Hardy Nickerson play?
California Stanford USC UCLA

10. What team scored the first-ever two-point conversion in a Super Bowl?
Bills Broncos Steelers Chargers