March 1, 2000


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Before Dereck Jeter, who was the last player to lead his team in hits in each of his first four full seasons?
Pete Rose Rod Carew Ernie Banks Ted Williams

2. What team was the first to have more blown saves than saves in a season?
Royals Twins Marlins Mariners

3. Who is the only left-handed pitcher to win 30 games?
Warren Spahn Steve Carlton Sandy Koufax Lefty Grove

4. Who is the only pitcher to twice walk 200 batters in a season?
Bob Fellar Nolan Ryan Sam McDowell Walter Johnson

5. Who was the first Dodger to hit 20 or more home runs in each of his first two seasons?
Duke Snider Mike Piazza Eric Karros Carl Furillo

6. Which one of the following did not hit a home run in eight consecutive games?
Harmon Killebrew Don Mattingly Dale Long Ken Griffy, Jr.

7. Who was the first AL player to be the unanimous Rookie of the Year choice?
Fred Lynn Mark McGwire Carlton Fisk Frank Thomas

8. Which one of the following did not get 13 hits in one World Series?
Brian Doyle Lou Brock Bobby Richardson Marty Barrett

9. What player hit into a record three double plays in one World Series Game?
Babe Ruth Hank Aaron Ted Williams Willie Mays

10. Who was the last pitcher to both win and lose a 1-0 decision in World Series competition?
Jack Stanford Don Newcombe Don Drysdale Dave McNally