March 22, 1998


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who holds the NBA record of 11 consecutive years averaging at least 25 points per game?
Karl Malone Jerry West Dominique Wilkens Oscar Robertson

2. What NHL team traded Dominik Hasek to the Sabres?
Blackhawks Bruins Flyers Ducks

3. What NBA coach reached 900 career wins faster than anyone?
Red Auerback Bill Russell Pat Riley Lenny Wilkens

4. What men's tennis player was ranked number 1 for 160 consecutive weeks?
Jimmy Conners Pete Sampras Bjorn Borg Rod Laver

5. How many 50-goal seasons did Gordie Howe achieve?
0 1 2 3

6. Which of the following numbers has Michael Jordon not worn in his NBA career?
12 14 23 45

7. Who scored a record 10 three-point field goals in a single Final Four game?
Dennis Scott Davie Sieger Freddie Banks Steve Alford

8. What player was voted the most outstanding player in the Final Four and then was declared ineligible after the tournament?
Art Heyman Howard Porter Ed Pickney Jerry Chambers

9. What team achieved a 78.6% field-goal percentage in a Final Four game?
Villanova Ohio State UCLA Kansas

10. What player had a record 18 assists in a Final Four game?
Michael Jackson Edgar Padilla Rumeal Robinson Mark Wade