November 29, 1998


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. How many times was Floyd Patterson knocked down while he held the heavyweight boxing championship?
13 20 33 50

2. Who was the youngest woman to join the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour?
Nancy Lopez Annika Sörenstam Se Ri Pak Marlene Hagge

3. Who was the first horse to be syndicated for at least a million dollars?
Gold Rush Silver Charmed Run-a-way Nashua

4. Which current NFL coach once guarded Jerry West in a college basketball game?
Mike Ditka Bruce Coslet Bill Parcells Dennis Green

5. Who was the only coach to be ejected from a NBA All-Star game?
Phil Jackson Red Auerbach K.C. Jones Pat Riley

6. Whom was the first Czechoslovakian hockey player to play professionally in North America?
Petr Nedved Sergi Federov Stan Mikita Rico Fata

7. What was the original name of yachting's America's Cup?
The British Cup The Hundred Guineas Cup World Yacht Race The Ten Brits Cup

8. Who won the first live telecast of ABC-TV's Professional Bowlers Tour?
John Jay Roy Lown Gregg Smitherton Chad Emercson

9. What is the record for the greatest amount of weight ever lifted off the ground?
3,155 lbs 5,505 lbs 6,270 lbs. 10,880

10. How many world records did Johnny Weissmuller set?
6 12 24 48