August 9, 1998


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who was Division 1-A passing efficiency leader in 1997?
Ryan Leaf Joe Germaine Cade McNown John Dutton

2. Who led Division 1-A in rushing yards per game in 1997 with 172 yards per game?
Tavian Banks Amos Zereoue Ahman Green Ricky Williams

3. What Division 1-A team averaged over 47 points per game in 1997 to lead all teams?
Nebraska Washington State Florida State UCLA

4. What Division 1-A team allowed only 8.9 points per game in 1997?
Ohio State North Carolina Michigan Air Force

5. What NFL team did Carroll Rosenbloom swap ownership to acquire the Los Angelas Rams?
Lions Colts Falcons Vikings

6. Which one of the following did not play for Ohio State?
Raymont Harris Robert Smith Edgar Bennett Eddie George

7. What college did Hardy Nickerson attend?
Oregon Oregon State Stanford California

8. Besides Eric Swann, what other NFL player did not play college football?
Lee Woodall Marcus Pollard Eric Mahlum Marv Cook

9. Who did the Rams play in their only Super Bowl appearance?
Colts Raiders Steelers Dolphins

10. In what year was the NFL hit by its first in-season work stoppage?
1979 1980 1981 1982