February 8, 1998


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Whose record for career strikeouts did Nolan Ryan break ?
Bob Fellar Walter Johnson Sandy Koufax Steve Carlton

2. Who was the first player to homer from both sides of the plate in consecutive games?
Eddie Murray Ken Singleton Mickey Mantle Pete Rose

3. Who was the first to homer to end a World Series game?
Dusty Rhoades Yogi Berra Lou Gehrig Tommy Henrich

4. Which of the following has not combined for more than 400 walks in three consecutive seasons?
Barry Bonds Hank Aaron Ted Williams Babe Ruth

5. Who was the first player to hit four home runs in a game his team lost?
Joe Adcock Gil Hodges Rocky Colavito Bob Horner

6. What team once had an ERA of 6.72 for a season?
Phillies Tigers Browns A's

7. What pitcher struck out 17 batters in a World Series game?
Walter Johnson Sandy Koufax Bob Gibson Tom Seaver

8. Who holds the ML record of 18 total bases in one game?
Ty Cobb Mike Schmidt Gil Hodges Joe Adcock

9. Who struck out 21 batters in one game?
Tom Cheney Roger Clemens Luis Tiant Steve Carlton

10. Who batted 370 in their rookie season
Benny Kauff Lloyd Waner Kiki Cuyler Hack Miller

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